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Skene Group Ltd operates sand and gravel resources supplying the construction and sports industries throughout Scotland and beyond. These high quality aggregates are transported by road and sea and continue to be a valuable resource to the wider industry.

We produce and supply a variety of sand and gravel products for use in the construction industry. These include house building, as well as tar and concrete production including drainage and decorative stone for paths and driveways.

Our products include:

  • Quality washed concrete and building sand
  • Decorative gravels for landscaping
  • 10mm gravel
  • 20mm gravel
  • 40mm gravel
  • Bulk bagged aggregates

We also have a tipping facility for inert material only.

For many years sands and gravels have been a major source of Scottish aggregates. In the 1950’s and 1960’s natural sands and gravels provided by far the largest proportion of commercially produced aggregates in Scotland. Glacial sands and gravels in Scotland are of high quality.

To gain initial access to the sand and gravel, any soil must first be removed. This is called stripping or “muck shifting” and is carried out with our “in house team” of excavators, wheeled loading shovels and dump trucks. This material is then used to landscape the quarry or is stored for restoration purposes at a later date.

Primary & Secondary Crushing
An excavator digs the raw material from the ground after stripping and the material is processed through a primary crusher to break the stone down in size. It is then processed through a secondary crusher to produce different sizes of sands and stone for sale to builders merchants, house builders and civil engineering contractors.

Material Testing
All materials are tested to various different specifications to meet with the needs of our customers, this is an ongoing testing process which is carried out both internally in our own laboratory and externally tested in qualified material testing laboratories to British Standards.BAA

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Monday, February 16th, 2015

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

A new access/egress road was undertaken by SKENE GROUP LTD utilising their own quarried materials and concrete from their Soutra Quarry outlet unit, the transporting of the materials was also undertaken by the fleet of lorries SKENE GROUP LTD have at their disposal. The fibrous concrete used was a C40 grade concrete with strut fibres […]

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